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How to Eliminate Pouch Black Eyes Naturally Safe

Panda eyes are generally a lot toward the women, but did not rule for men. This is certainly a big problem, because it will interfere with the appearance of the face.

One cause of this problem is usually due to lack of sleep, eating less nutritious food and also less maintain eye health. Besides customs often force the eyes to continue their activities can also cause black eye bags. To overcome this, the usual variety of ways so that your black eye bags disappear and re-draw the facial appearance.

This natural way other than to make the eyes appear more healthy also makes the skin around the eye area becomes tighter. So the beauty of the face back and more awake again. With these natural ingredients you can do the treatment at home and it was fairly easy way without having to perform in ways that are difficult. Here will be described how and materials that can be used.

How to Eliminate Pouch Black Eyes Naturally Safe

Why do we prefer the natural way than other ways, namely in addition to easy and saving are also safer because it does not put chemicals quoted from Cara menghilangkan kantung mata.


There are several ways to eliminate the black eye bags naturally this, including using cucumber, cucumber contains many substances halitosis which will provide coolness in the eyes and the skin around the eye area. In addition malonic acid content in the cucumber can reduce the sugar, thus preventing the buildup of sugars into fat at the bottom of the eye. It also cucumber can tighten the skin around the eye area. This is what makes cucumbers sought to address the eyelids.


The next is to use potatoes. Potatoes be an option because the content in the potato is able to provide benefits like kelit rejuvenating eye bags. Sodium content in potatoes can increase the pH of the acid in the body so that the skin elasticity eye bags can be maintained. Rejuvenation of the skin eye bags will disguise dark eye bags. Other substances such as vitamin B1 and a high water content, making potatoes can provide coolness on the skin around the eyes. Then obviously the natural way by using these potatoes can be tried as an alternative cheap and easy.

Green tea

But can be used as a healthy beverage, green tea can also be used as one way to eliminate the panda eyes or black eye bags. It contains antioxidants that can provide the youthfulness of the skin cells. In use, green tea can be made into a drink first. Then the former tea drained for a while. After that, the rest of the tea seep to make drink earlier can be applied to the skin around the eye area. This should be done regularly 2-3 times a day with tea paste on the skin and can be rinsed off after 10-20 minutes.


The next natural way ie using the carrot which is very easily be encountered. The content of vitamin A and C in carrots will help fade the color black in leather pouch eye. Carrots can be diced or round to be easily affixed to the skin around the eye area. How to use the carrot is the same as using green tea above. Use of routine will give black color on the eyelids vague.

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