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Benefits of Basil Leaves for Health and Beauty

Basil plant leaves have a distinctive flavor and aroma that can improve the flavour of the cuisine. But unfortunately not everyone likes these leaves, but very many benefits of basil leaves. Has the latin name Ocimum basilicum, is one of the distinctive and flavorful leaf can excite the appetite. In addition to being used as vegetables dishes, it has lots of basil leaves once a good nutrient for the body.

There are many nutritional components in the basil leaves, ranging from betakaroten (vitamin A). This will be very good for the senses of vision, improve immune function and also antioxidants that prevent free radicals. There is also a vitamin C in the benefits of basil leaves, this will serve as the formation of collagen to heal wounds and skin tightening. In addition there are also deposits of phosphorus that is useful for bone growth, absorption and also transport zar nutrients throughout the body. There are also magnesium that will make the heart function more calm and speeding up blood flow.

Benefits of basil leaves for health and beauty

After knowing what content exists on the basil leaves, you naturally start curious with what are the benefits of basil leaves for the body, in addition to providing the stimulation of tantalising meal. Here are some benefits of consumption of basil leaves for the body:

Increased cardiovascular health. One of the deadly disease now is a heart attack, thus many things that you can do to maintain heart health. One of them is with the consumption of basil leaves, because it has a lot of content of magnesium, as well as both betakaroten content this will be very good health condition of the heart manfaat daun kemangi.

1. Prevent stroke

Twilight enters one of the deadly disease could come suddenly is stroke. Where there is no definite sign that can be recognized because it is the advent of suddenly. Consumption of basil leaves will make the function of arterial blood has increased, this is tantamount to the consumption of nuts nuts.

2. Contribute to the health of the eyes and mouth

You certainly already know if basil leaves contain lots of vitamin A (betakaroten) this will relieve the eye contains, minus impact and also protect the eyes from the stress. You will also be able to eliminate bad breath with the consumption of basil leaves, because it has a distinctive aroma after consumption.

3. BREAST MILK be more productive

For those of you mothers giving birth will definitely disarakan much consume the leaves of sauropus androgynus in order for the production of BREAST MILK, you can also consume leaves Basil because it also has the same content to improve the production of breast milk.
Remove herb whitish. Before your menstrual sesudaha and will certainly experience a vaginal discharge, this is a normal thing but often arise itching caused by fungus. There are deposits of basil leaves in eugenol, which functions as a potent pain killer fungus causes of vaginal discharge.

4. Delay time of menopause

For women who have entered the age of 40 years and over are certainly already will be entering menopause, this is a sign that you are not menstruating again so it was impossible getting pregnant again. You can delay the arrival of that period by the consumption of basil leaves, because there was a substance that could delay the tryptophan menopausal without causing any side effects.

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