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Some of the benefits of green tea

Some of the benefits of green tea for the body, namely:
Helps fight bladder cancer and esophageal cancer, a study in 1994 has been published in an official jutnal US National Cancer Institute have shown green tea can reduce the risk of esophageal cancer by 60%. Therefore, green tea is always consumed because so tehindar of the most deadly diseases. Benefits of green tea is certainly a very big, and very needed by every person who does not want to have cancer.

Helps reduce blood pressure and cholesterol, the Japanese study also reported that consuming green tea can reduce high blood pressure (hypertension), for you have hypertension, you can consume green tea on a regular basis so that the blood pressure and cholesterol balance.

Increasing the concentration of study, green tea contains theanine which serves to improve memory, learning ability, and improve concentration learning. For those of you who hard to concentrate in lerned you can consume green tea. manfaat teh hijau

Help you lose weight, for those of you who want to lose weight you can consume green tea on a regular basis, there are many slimming products which use basic ingredients of green tea. The content Yag found in green tea are able to help someone who is running a diet program.

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