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6 Natural Ingredients to Expel Mosquito Dengue

Neem oil
Neem oil, known to have a number of great benefits for the human body, but in addition to being a panacea for your health, neem is also a powerful mosquito repellent. There is even a study published in the Journal of the Association of American in controlling mosquitoes found that mixing neem oil with coconut oil in the ratio of 1: 1 is a very effective way to repel mosquitoes were very effective. Even before the oil spreads very useful for your skin as potent antibacterial, anti-fungal, antiviral and anti-protozoan agents, but the effect is particularly unwelcome odor mosquitoes on your skin. This will protect you from mosquito bites for at least eight hours.

Lemon oil and wood White
A mixture of lemon oil and eucalyptus oil is very effective in naturally repel mosquitoes. Cineole active component that is in the ingredients have antiseptic properties and insect refused when applied to the skin. To use this mixture, a mixture of lemon oil and eucalyptus oil in equal proportions and use it on your body. Cara mangusir nyamuk

Using mothballs is also a natural material that does not like mosquitoes. Made from tree extracts these compounds have anti-mosquito activity when compared with other natural products. Place camphor or camphor place in your home where many mosquitoes will resolve the issue, and your home is guaranteed free of mosquitoes.

According to data published in the Journal of Parasitology Research smell of basil tree is very effective in killing mosquito larvae and help repel mosquitoes. Only with basil planting trees near a window or a corner of your house so mosquitoes will not dare to approach because they do not like the smell of basil this. This plant has properties that do not allow mosquitoes to breed and will prevent them from entering your home.

The best way to keep mosquitoes are the smells sharp and which is why mosquitoes away. Strong and sharp smell of garlic are known to prevent mosquito bites and even prevent them from entering your home. So to use this drug you could crush some garlic pods, boiled in water and use the water to spray around your room. If you are the type of haters (or really hate mosquitoes), you can also spray it on yourself to avoid mosquito bites if you hold it smelled.

Tea tree oil
This oil has many benefits for the skin and hair and is an antibacterial and antifungal agent that is very strong, and is a perfect natural materials to repel mosquitoes? Well, smell and antifungal and antibacterial properties help prevent mosquitoes biting you and drive them away. So if you want to use this drug you can rub a bit of tea tree oil on your skin or add a few drops to the vaporizer. This way the scent of tea tree oil through the air keeping mosquitoes stay away.

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