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How to Remove Phlegm Quickly and Easily

Panu is a skin disease that is quite annoying in addition to acne, tinea versicolor fungus arising from the growth of bacteria on our skin. This skin disease can arise anywhere in the body section of the face, back, body, hands, feet, neck to the most sensitive parts. Panu can be said to be a condition characterized by the appearance of white patches on the skin. It is caused by a fungal infection Malassezia globosa. Cara menghilangkan panu cepat mudah

Mostly found in the tropics are warm and moist. Common symptoms of tinea versicolor is the white patches and flaking of the skin. Disease tinea versicolor or pityriasis versicolor (sometimes called tinea vesicolor) is a health problem that led to the emergence of small patches on the skin. The spot colors can be lighter or darker than the original skin color, even some that are red or pink.

Over time, these patches can be more and more, or even widen. In addition to causing skin looks discolored skin fungus can also cause skin sufferer feels rough or scaly. Parts of the body most often exposed skin fungus is back, arms, abdomen, chest, and neck. Panu is not dangerous. However phlegm could interfere with the appearance and cause discomfort with symptoms of itch.

To overcome the problem of skin on this one, you can take advantage of a mix of materials such as lime, sulfur and coconut oil. This material can be mixed into one and you can rub it on the affected skin phlegm. Do this routine every day, until you get maximum results.

You are of course familiar with galangal is not it? Well, galangal is one of the herbs that are very often used to remove phlegm. It's easy, you can scrape the young galangal then squeezed so that you get the water. Well, you can use the ginger water to cope with phlegm on your skin in a way rub it on the affected part of phlegm.

How to Soften Coarse and Curly Hair

Sticky hair is a big problem, especially for those with curly hair. And if you are a swimmer or swim regularly, it just adds to the problem. Not that girls with straight hair does not face any problem after swimming, of course, they can still experience it. Hair becomes sticky, unruly and completely vulnerable. This is especially true because the chlorine levels in the water. Chlorine penetrate the hair and removes moisture in it, so the hair becomes dry and unhealthy. Swimming pool water has the same effect as bleach. This tends to make the hair color change color to brighter than before. Cara menghaluskan rambut kering

There are several benefits for hair yolk. Lack of vitamins and nutrients to the scalp can cause hair damage and loss, all of these can be prevented with egg yolk. As we know yolk is a source of protein that is remarkable to provide nutrients to the scalp so that more healthy hair growth. Yolk acts as a moisturizer for dry and damaged hair. In addition to the essential fatty acids and vitamins contained in egg yolk can provide a cooling effect for dry and damaged hair. These fatty acids also prevent dandruff and keep hair shiny. Another benefit is to soften hair so the hair easily manageable and reduce frizz.

Tips to prevent fluffy hair can be done through a natural way by using traditional herbal ingredients. The natural way that you do should be done routinely to treat your hair to stay healthy. Here is how to care for your hair to not expand, such as:

using Milk
Known as liquid milk to soften and smooth the hair. How to implement them, pour the pure native milk into containers or glass, then mix a little water. Dampen your hair use the milk evenly. Let stand for one hour. Then wash your hair using a shampoo that your hair does not smell fishy.

The Benefits of Bay Leaf Lowers Cholesterol and Diabetes

Leaves contain vitamins and minerals that indeed has many benefits for mankind. Though not yet as famous as soursop leaf to benefits like health, but since the bay leaf is also known to have a function for herbal medicine. Even the Romans believed if the bay leaf is duan symbolizing peace, wisdom, and also shield cover.

When eaten raw, this spice has a strong aroma and bitter taste. Bay leaf is not only can be used as cooking purposes, but is also used as a medicinal herb. 2 from the famous essential oils namely Eugenol, Myrcene and made of Bay leaves. manfaat daun salam untuk kesehatan

For Diseases Of Uric Acid
The symptoms of gout are usually caused by the accumulation of a substance purin on the body. Well the benefits of bay leaf for uric acid that is by taking 10 pieces bay leaf. Then boil the leaves use 10 cups water until leaves 5 glasses only. After completion of the captured, a drink of water decoction of bay leaf. To obtain maximum results, do the way tersbeut at least 2 times a day.

For Diseases Of Hypertension
Besides reducing the gout, bay leaf also has benefits for hypertension. Any way it is not much different from the way above, just by consuming the decoction of bay leaf 10 pieces mixed with white water up to 10 cups 5 cups leaves only, you can reduce hypertension disease on your body.

The benefits of bay leaf Scent cuisine

This incident may often we know that often the people who add House cuisine Bay leaves, in addition to having scented if at the mix into the food leaves has benefits also for the health of one of which is our body's endurance meningkkan. If you already know now don't hesitate anymore to add Bay leaves to your cuisine.

The benefits of bay leaf Makes a clean white teeth

This way is quite hygienic besides cheap and quick course on how pleased enough to believe you take leaves and lime leaves finely mashed both dry and give it a bit of water until the occurrence of natural paste and apply on the teeth regularly and rub slowly and you will get the result.

The benefits of bay leaf lowers cholesterol and diabetes

The benefits of bay leaf is the same as the benefits on that series leaves the content from these leaves in trust can lower cholesterol levels and diabetes the way easy enough, grab a few leaves 12 sheets of boiled with 3 glas clean water and let stand until the water is medidih live 1 glass of boiled water, cider and drink when towards the bed.

How to Naturally Overcoming Insomnia to Improve Sleep Quality

The difficulties that interfere with sleep and sleep quality also makes it difficult to start a drive to sleep well. Sleep problems can be experienced by anyone, be it female or male, also tend to be the older person it will be increasingly vulnerable also stricken with sleep disorders. How to overcome insomnia is also quite difficult because if you change the hours of sleep, insomnia may be this will arise again.

By having this problem it's good we have to quickly handle it, because if the insomnia is not treated early will be disruption of psychic and also with regard to the biological disturbance of memory, emotion, depression, anxiety and too paranoid to even the increasingly severe cause of heart disease. Cara mengatasi insomnia terbukti

People who frequently experience stress is likely to be affected by insomnia. According to Wikipedia, the understanding of insomnia is a symptom of a disorder in the sleeping form of recurrent difficulties to sleep or maintain sleep though there is a chance for that. Meanwhile, the cause of insomnia is most due to a type of disease that is being attacked, or insomnia caused by psychological problems. Treatment of insomnia can be medically done with some kind of therapy, such as with cognitive therapy. In addition, insomnia can also be resolved by natural way that proved effective.

Warm milk
According to Dr. Duffy, a professor from Brigham, warm milk good for those stricken with insomnia. After conducting daily activities, people who consume warm milk can make their bodies became more relaxed, so it will be faster to sleep and sleep time will also be longer. In addition, consuming warm milk can also cope with stress, which became one of the causes of insomnia.

Apple Cider vinegar
Drinking a tablespoon of Apple Cider vinegar mixed with 8 ounces of water before bed, according to Carolyn Harrington, a holistic health practitioner in New York can help those who have insomnia to sleep faster and longer. Although there has been no intensive research on the cause, but already many people are successfully using this way.

Read the book
In addition to the warm milk, Dr. Duffy also said that reading a book on a few individuals can accelerate time pre-their sleep. However, for most other people, the book can make them keep reading and reading. Therefore, if you want to use this way, make sure the book is read it is not too long. Make sure lighting is also fairly, so that the eyes are not damaged.

How to Make Yam bean Mask

Yam bean contains vitamin C, iron, calcium, fat, carbohydrates and vitamin B, which is good and needed by the body. Besides being beneficial to the body, it turns out that Yam bean also has benefits for beauty. As evidenced by the large number of beauty products are made from Yam bean. Vitamin B and vitamin C combined with the levels of minerals in the Yam bean, was able to make the skin appear healthy and fresh. In addition, vitamin C on Yam bean, very potent and drank to prevent premature aging of the face. Where this jicama can be eaten or used as a facial mask. cara membuat masker bengkoang untuk perawatan wajah

If you want to create a mask Yam bean, but you'd never make it, don't worry because the process of making masks jicama is very easy. Here I will explain how to create masks jicama in a simple manner.

How to Make Yam bean Mask

- Prepare fresh jicama in size medium.
- Then Peel the jicama. If you are not used to peel jicama, I tell that to peel jicama you do not need to use a knife, just pulled his skin from the top to the bottom. Yam bean very easily peeled, but sometimes on some jicama is often left the rest of the thin skin when peeled, clear skin-the skin by using a knife.
- When you are finished washing the jicama, peeled with cold water until clean.
- Then prepare a grated Yam bean memarut to clean until crushed. Keep the water coming out of such meat when shredded jicama don't You squeeze, let alone, because water is a jicama juice contains a lot of vitamins.
- When you are finished, enter the grated jicama into a container, mix it with honey and pure liquid egg whites, stirring until slightly thick.
- Your Yam bean mask ready. Don't forget to use a soft brush to rub it in your face evenly.
- Let your face behind the mask jicama for 20 to 30 minutes, then flush with cold water.

Using Baking Soda for Whiten Armpit

Indonesians are generally dark colored his skin, not like the skin of the foreigners that are generally white (hence his ordinary people like the ones it is called white people), will feel more handsome or beautiful if their skin is white, Especially womenfolk. Thus the skin whitening products body and face skin very attractive to women, ranging from whitening face cream, vitamin supplements, as well as the natural bodies such as bleach fimelia.

If the body is white, good indeed evenly to the entire body, not just the face are white, but black body, it will look ugly because it's so good, it's all white and join the lebh bright also includes your armpit. armpits are black and dark, of course will keep you wearing clothes with underarm open would be embarrassed to lift your hands up high. Cara memutihkan Ketiak

Of course it makes you not freely move and so clunky if available. Armpits are black just because you might be wrong when shaving armpit hairs you use foam contains chemicals, or you carelessly wear deodorant, which makes your underarm skin irritation and make armpit so dark and black. You should avoid products that contain bleach chemicals and hazardous substances because it would endanger your life even for the long term. Therefore we are here trying to share some of the ways to whiten underarm naturally black.

For brands that have groomed armpit may not be a serious problem to maximize the appearance but for those who have changes to the underarm deodorant usage due to too long and less gets the treatment will certainly make sense of self parcaya descending

The cause of black underarms can be due to many things but the most common cause is because pamakaian deodorant or perfume for a long time and got a treatment so that underarm part changed somewhat blackish.

How to make armpit back white as before? that question appeared for those who feel bingun to whiten armpit already blackish. There are actually 2 easy ways to do that is the modern way with underarm whitening beauty products with the chemical ingredients and natural way of lemon. cara alami memutihkan ketiak

Using baking soda
Baking soda could work effectively in the whiten underarms. Lift the cell – dead skin cells on the skin of the armpit so that it will still look clean. A paste made of baking soda and then rubbed on the skin of the armpit evenly at least 2-3 times a week. If it's already beginning to look white and clean. Can use discontinued because it can cause skin irritation if excessive.

Coconut oil and orange peel
Coconut oil has vitamin E and vitamins from the orange peel giving the positive effects that are useful to increase production of collagen and brighten the skin of the armpit. How to whiten armpit with the ingredients by mixing these two ingredients are then mashed, soft but not too dilute. The material is ready to be smeared on the armpits and let stand for a few moments then dbilas clean using water.

How to Remove Leg Hair Naturally

How to remove leg hair naturally become the safest way
. The first way is to use the fruit of the papaya. The fruit of the papaya contains papain substances proven to remove hair. How to use papaya for hair removal with papaya is pounding with papaya. Then the results of these collisions and turmeric powder mixed in the Paste on the skin of the feet. Wait for 20 minutes and rinse with clean water. How to remove hair the next leg by using honey. How to use honey to remove leg hair is to mix it with lemon and sugar. The honey is then smeared onto the leg until somewhat solidified gel and then drag the honey like you do waxing. Cara Menghilangkan Bulu Kaki

The cause of Growing hair
hair grows depends on a person's hormonal factors, so there are some people who have thick hair and some have no hair at all
The growth of armpit hair can also be caused by a sexual level, so usually have dense hair hair level his sexual high. But that does not mean everything is just so average like that
Because entered puberty around age 18-20 years
The existence of a genetic factor that lowered hereditary
Hair shaving too often can also give rise to a more dense hair growth.

How do I remove the annoying hairs on the body? If my friend wants to try the natural way, check out the following tips Yes Cara menghilangkan bulu kaki alami

Using Turmeric
Turmeric can remove hair permanently for specific skin type. Turmeric is rich with its own anti bacterial and anti inflammatory. When my friend wanted to try it out, you live mixing a few spoon of turmeric powder mixed with a little milk, and then apply it to the area of hair who would like to be removed and allow it to dry. After it dries, wash with warm water.

Using Honey
Honey is also one of the ingredients that can be used to remove stubborn hair on the legs, for example. Combine honey, lemon, and sugar to make a paste of hair removal. You can also use it for waxing. Easy right?

Use egg whites
The egg white is not only powerful to whiten the skin, it turns out that you can also wear white to remove hair on the body. Intrigued by the way? Easy as hell. you live mixing egg white with 1 spoon of sugar and corn flour. Stir well until its shape resembles a paste, then apply to the hands, feet, underarms or buddy up to dry. If it dries, pull the layers of pasta.