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Tips for Removing Blackheads Naturally with Natural Materials

removing blackheads
Blackhead according to wikipedia is a clogged pores, this quality can be open or closed. To open the blackheads nih look like enlarged pores and closed comedones while black, look like small white protrusions. Usually the blackhead is the area of the nose and around the mouth area.

Blackheads are caused by dead skin cells and excess oil glands in the skin. Stress is the cause of the presence of blackheads on the face. When the stress of excessive hormone would appear on the face. Hormones that trigger the blackheads. Tends to occur in people who were in puberty or while menstruating. Blackheads also can be caused by excessive make up so that irritate the skin. Other causes of unhealthy lifestyles, like smoking, drinking too much alcohol and sugary foods caffeine, fried foods, and foods rich in carbohydrates. Later I will tell tips eliminate blackheads and cause blackheads quoted from perawatanyok about Tips menghilangkan komedo secara alami

White water consumption
Routine drinking at least eight glasses of water per day can improve the metabolism of the body so that you toxins and substances that are not your body needs can be disposed of on a regular basis. Besides plain water can be a therapy for beauty.

Scrubs is a material that can be used as a blackhead remover. A lot of Scrubs being sold in supermarkets as well as in the supermarket. For natural ingredients can use the residual dregs of coffee scrub. Let sit for overnight then sweep on the face. Rub gently and never too hard or rough.

Tea tree oil can be beneficial to remove blackheads. How to use it in a way that is very easy to wipe the oil all over the face and nose regularly. In addition to nature removing blackheads / menghilangkan komedo, can also be used to prevent blackheads.

Papaya is a fruit that is common and very easy to get in tropical countries like Indonesia. From some research it is known that the flesh of the fruit of the papaya contains compounds that can remove blackheads and acne cure.

Lemon is also one of the fruits that have benefits can remove blackheads naturally and fast. This is because lemon has a lot of vitamin C, in addition there is another useful content, namely content of flavonoids and also the citric acid.
How to remove blackheads quickly using lemon is quite easy. The way is juicing lemon and take the water away. Apply lemon juice on the face of section berkomedo. For maximum results do this treatment every night before bed. When waking up in the morning you can rinse using clean water.

Face care routine
Tips for removing blackheads next notice the cleanliness you face. Make sure after travelling or activities outside exposed to the dust and exposure to sunlight, wipe the face with facial SOAP. When the beds will also be sure the face of makeup so that you skin can breathe freely.

Egg whites

You simply take the egg whites and put in in the bowl. After that stir until frothy egg whites and apply on the face of the existing komedonya. If it is, immediately cover with paper towels or cotton. Well wait until dry, once dry tissue or cotton lifting slowly and look at how many blackheads boom that's been lifted from the face you.