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How To Whiten The Face Naturally And Safely With Lemon

How to whiten the face naturally and safely with lemon – many people crave whiteIndonesia especially for women who crave beauty. However, in contrast to a foreignnation, they instead find beaches in Indonesia for their white skin to discolor, strangeisn't it? In whiten the face of an awful lot of women who don't know how to whiten the faceappropriately, they tend to use a quick way to whiten his face-for example, by usingbeauty products, beauty salons and even they use medical help to whiten face skinquickly. But the thing that smells like the instant it is not good for the health of our facial skin. Alternative solutions in the whiten face skin is to use ingredients derivedfrom nature. Natural materials are very secure if we use to whiten the face. because ofthese natural ingredients do not contain harmful compounds such as the instantbeauty treatments.

How To Whiten The Face Naturally And Safely With Lemon

natural ingredients to whiten face skin one is with the use of lime. Lemon was chosenas an alternative ingredient to whiten face skin as lemon contains vitamin and antioxidants are good for maintaining healthy skin naturally. vitamin found in citrusjuice is vitamin c. this Content is able to rejuvenate the skin, replacing the dead skin cells, regenerates skin and much more, plus lime juice also has antioxidants.Antioxidants are very instrumental in protecting the skin from sunlight which canmake the skin look more black, dull, dry and coarse. Thus especially appropriate when we use lime as an alternative ingredient to brighten skin care.

Tips to whiten and brighten the face skin with lemon
-One lemon fruit;
-One tablespoon of Honey.

How to whiten the face naturally with lemon
-First the lime halves into 2 parts, then squeeze the two halves into a container, addthe honey into a container, stir-stir until evenly;
-Before using the wash advance to clean from dirt that closes the pores;
-After clean apply the juice of the lime juice into the skin of the face evenly. A littlemassage in circular, do not get exposed to the eyes because it will feel smarting;
-Let stand for 30 minutes or until it dries;
-Last rinse using warm water.

By using natural ingredients as lemons to whiten the face then we do not need to be concerned with the side effects of the use of natural materials because it is very safefor us to apply the dikulit sensitive face. Do how to whiten the face naturally aboveregularly every day then your skin will look 10 times more white than in the previous week. Such a review on way to whiten the face naturally and safely with lemon. May be useful.