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5 ways to Eliminate Fleas Naturally

5 ways to Eliminate Fleas Naturally - Experienced hair lice problem is of course very disturbing skin health, especially if we are having problems are women. Basically ticks very happy growing up in long hair and the hair less awake clean. Hair lice transmission can occur with prantara towels, pillows or hats are used simultaneously. Therefore, keep the hygiene of your hair and do not carelessly use the other person's contact with the hair because it will make the lice eggs are moved into our hair.

Therefore, on this occasion we will give you 5 ways to eliminate fleas the natural way you should know. As quoted from cara menghilangkan kutu rambut :
5 ways to Eliminate Fleas Naturally

Using coconut oil
Use coconut oil by way of dioles evenly to the hair and scalp then cover with plastic wrap so that it can eliminate the eggs and kutunya. How by applying coconut oil and wait for 6 hours then rinse until clean. Read tips menghilangkan telur kutu rambut

Use white vinegar
White vinegar is also one of the natural ingredients that are quite effective in eradicating head lice and their eggs. How to use white vinegar that is fairly easily just by applying white vinegar on the head and hair up and let stand for 2 hours and then bilaslah using shampoos. Vinegar into natural ingredients are quite effective because it can be a mite eggs stymies will hatch.

Using the comb meeting
Using the comb meetings are also very helpful in rooting out the hair, but lice this way will be effective if the comb used actually meeting. You can use a comb meetings as prevention efforts if your hair starts to itch.

Use red onion
Shallots can eradicate head lice eggs together, how by slicing the onion and apply on hair and scalp until evenly distributed. In order to get maximum results you can do so while memijit head slowly. Don't forget to silence your hair for 15 minutes and then wash your hair use shampoos so come back clean.


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