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Making Homemade Facial Treatments

It’s always possible to get healthy skin through facial treatments. But for some people, making homemade facial treatments give them many advantages. First, they can choose the ingredients, so it’s guaranteed to not containing any chemical ingredients unless it’s necessary. Second, making facial treatments at home will save your budget. You can use natural ingredients that are easy to be found or you can buy it on the stores. Making your own facial treatments also will make you easier if you want to do them regularly. And you can add various natural ingredients for getting different result.

Facial Treatments for Acne
Acne problems also can be treated by homemade facial treatments. At first, it’s important to understand how severe your acne problems are. Sometimes facial treatments at home only can treat light until moderate acne problems. You can cure your acne by applying apple cider vinegar. Vinegar can kill bacteria in your skin, balance your skin’s pH, and remove the excessive oil that blocks your pores. First, you should clean your face with water and then dry it. Second, mix the ration of one part vinegar with three parts water, use cotton to absorb the mixture; then apply it into your acne. Third, you should leave it for 10 minutes or even 24 hours. However, this treatment can make your facial skin dry, so it’s important to not doing it often and you need to apply moisturizer after the treatment.

Tea tree oil has been known for treating acne, especially for sensitive skin. It can remove the dead skin cell, extra sebum, and excessive oil that block your pores. Moreover, tea tree oil also has ability to kill bacteria that will worsen your acne. First, you should wash your face with water then dry it. Second, mix one part of tea tree oil with nine parts of water. Third, by using cotton, apply the mixture into your acne. However, never eat this tea tree oil or apply it without being mixed with water. For people who have sensitive skin, instead of using water, you can use aloe vera gel to be mixed with tea tree oil.

Cleansing Your Face
Besides acne, homemade facial treatments also can be used for cleansing your face. You can do this if your facial cleansing products don’t make you satisfied with the result. And sometimes it happens to people who have sensitive skin. There are natural ingredients that can be used as your natural facial cleansers. People usually use egg yolk as their cleanser as well as toner for their face. You just need to apply it into your face. On the other hand, fruits also can be your natural facial cleansers. You can use banana, lemon, and orange. Besides becoming your breakfast ingredient, banana also can be used for your facial cleanser. You just need to smash it before applying it into your face. If you want, you can mix it with other ingredients, such as honey. Banana is natural moisturizer. It also can make your skin glow and slow down the aging process.

Despite of its acidity, lemon also can be your facial cleanser. Lemon juice will give amazing result into your face, especially if you wash your face with it. However, for people who have sensitive skin, you should be careful when using lemon. Besides lemon, orange that is rich with Vitamin C can be your alternative. It doesn’t matter whether you only use the pulp, juice, or even the skin.


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