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Tips to whiten the face mask with yogurt

Tips to whiten the face mask with yogurt One way to whiten the face of proper and safe is to use natural materials, there are lots of natural ingredients that can be an alternative to whiten face skin is safe and effective, but this time I will share tips to whiten the face naturally and safely with the yogurt mask. If you're interested in doing a natural face care, please refer to the continued reviews below.

Tips whiten face skin naturally


We know yogurt is a healthy drink our body, because yogurt contains good bacteria as probiotics. These bacteria will help your metabolism and digestion in the body running smoothly. The yogurt be very beneficial because it is fermented from milk, such as milk, the drink contains high nutisi program such as calcium, riboflavin, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12. It is this content which makes yogurt is very suitable as an ingredient to whiten face skin properly and safely. To mmeperoleh all the benefits of yogurt to the facial skin look here.

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1. How to whiten the face mask with yogurt I
Campurlah half a glass of yogurt with natural honey. stir the mixture until evenly, then before using the mask clean your face beforehand in order to avoid pores from impurities so that the benefits of face masks can be optimally absorbed. After the net apply this yogurt mask evenly across your face, when the trouble you could use the help of a brush. In order to optimally pervasive masks let stand for 30 minutes. The last flush of the face mask for cleaning use clean water. And pat dry using a towel.

2. how to brighten the face with yogurt mask II
How to whiten skin facial mask with yogurt that is both by mixing ½ yoghurt with olive oil. To use the mask is actually the same as the way to whiten the face first. By cleaning the face first and then apply the yogurt mask evenly to the entire skin of the face, and silence for 30 minutes, the final rinse using clean water.



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