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Get Rid Of Acne With Tomato And Olive Oil

Get rid of acne with tomato and olive oil
Acne can be very annoying if not immediately addressed. The main problem is when pimples appear around the face are an important asset to build your confidence. You can use the how to remove acne with tomatoes as an alternative way of a proven and safe with the risk of complications is very small. Tomato fruit by society more commonly known as kitchen seasoning as a complementary boost cuisine. The familiar fruit with chili sauce is actually rich in functions, especially on which to take care of your beauty skin.

Its high content of vitamin C and vitamin A in tomatoes is very potent for skin tightening and smoothing. You can get a dual function by applying a natural way to remove acne denganbuah tomatoes. Other benefits like skin look more naturally fresh, clean face, exposure to free radicals and pollutants are removed automatically by the nutrient content are absorbed by the skin or body of tomato fruit. How to get rid of acne with tomatoes it also you can combine with other natural ingredients like cucumbers, salt, and garlic to better maximize the results you get.

As for how the first application is as follows as quoted from Masker Zaitun dan Tomat Menghilangkan Jerawat:
2 plum tomatoes puree using blander
After a delicate fruit such as porridge, DAB to your face (facial area contained either acne or not)
Don't be washed first (let to mask the tomato sticking more or less 1 hour, the 50s so that the nutrients contained in tomatoes could be absorbed by the face to the maximum.
Flush the face with warm water
Dry your face using a rag or cloth smooth, plumping way only.
For maximum results in this way working on routine for approximately one week.

As for how the other deployment is as follows:
Prepare one tomato and a cucumber fruit
Blend the two ingredients until pureed shaped
Apply the tomato and the cucumber we already puree to your face
Let stand briefly about 10-15 minutes
Then wash your face using warm water/clean water and pat dry with a towel.

Tips for Removing Blackheads Naturally with Natural Materials

removing blackheads
Blackhead according to wikipedia is a clogged pores, this quality can be open or closed. To open the blackheads nih look like enlarged pores and closed comedones while black, look like small white protrusions. Usually the blackhead is the area of the nose and around the mouth area.

Blackheads are caused by dead skin cells and excess oil glands in the skin. Stress is the cause of the presence of blackheads on the face. When the stress of excessive hormone would appear on the face. Hormones that trigger the blackheads. Tends to occur in people who were in puberty or while menstruating. Blackheads also can be caused by excessive make up so that irritate the skin. Other causes of unhealthy lifestyles, like smoking, drinking too much alcohol and sugary foods caffeine, fried foods, and foods rich in carbohydrates. Later I will tell tips eliminate blackheads and cause blackheads quoted from perawatanyok about Tips menghilangkan komedo secara alami

White water consumption
Routine drinking at least eight glasses of water per day can improve the metabolism of the body so that you toxins and substances that are not your body needs can be disposed of on a regular basis. Besides plain water can be a therapy for beauty.

Scrubs is a material that can be used as a blackhead remover. A lot of Scrubs being sold in supermarkets as well as in the supermarket. For natural ingredients can use the residual dregs of coffee scrub. Let sit for overnight then sweep on the face. Rub gently and never too hard or rough.

Tea tree oil can be beneficial to remove blackheads. How to use it in a way that is very easy to wipe the oil all over the face and nose regularly. In addition to nature removing blackheads / menghilangkan komedo, can also be used to prevent blackheads.

Papaya is a fruit that is common and very easy to get in tropical countries like Indonesia. From some research it is known that the flesh of the fruit of the papaya contains compounds that can remove blackheads and acne cure.

Lemon is also one of the fruits that have benefits can remove blackheads naturally and fast. This is because lemon has a lot of vitamin C, in addition there is another useful content, namely content of flavonoids and also the citric acid.
How to remove blackheads quickly using lemon is quite easy. The way is juicing lemon and take the water away. Apply lemon juice on the face of section berkomedo. For maximum results do this treatment every night before bed. When waking up in the morning you can rinse using clean water.

Face care routine
Tips for removing blackheads next notice the cleanliness you face. Make sure after travelling or activities outside exposed to the dust and exposure to sunlight, wipe the face with facial SOAP. When the beds will also be sure the face of makeup so that you skin can breathe freely.

Egg whites

You simply take the egg whites and put in in the bowl. After that stir until frothy egg whites and apply on the face of the existing komedonya. If it is, immediately cover with paper towels or cotton. Well wait until dry, once dry tissue or cotton lifting slowly and look at how many blackheads boom that's been lifted from the face you.

Tips On How To Get Rid Of Acne Naturally

Tips On How To Get Rid Of Acne Naturally

1. How to treat acne with egg white
The way is, separate the egg yolks and whites of eggs take only. Shake briefly and then apply to face and let sit for 15 minutes. The egg white will help reduce oil on the face which often causes the onset of acne.

2. How to treat acne with Toothpaste
One thing to keep in mind here the toothpaste is a paste rather than a gel. Almost the same way with both ways above. Apply toothpaste to your pimples and other parts around the pimple before going to bed. Let the night away/until the morning then rinse with clean water.

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3. How to treat acne with tomatoes
The fruit of this one nice addition to eye health is also quite effective at removing comedones (blackheads) black. The first to do is slice the tomatoes in half and then apply to the entire face of the breakouts and leave for 15 minutes – 1 hour then rinse. and eat for the treatment from the inside.

4. How to treat acne with Aloe Vera
Take one Aloe Vera leaves, cut some parts, exfoliate skin deep, apply at the appearing of acne, and repeat doing this way every morning and afternoon. If you guys are quite painstaking, acne will probably be mongering and peeling during 3 days. In addition Aloe Vera is also capable of removing acne scars that are stubborn. Once again the key is only one, painstaking.!!

5. How to treat acne with garlic
There are two options in using garlic to get rid of acne. First by mashing two or more garlic until quite smooth and then is applied to the face of the breakouts. Let stand for 10 minutes then rinse. While the second way is by eating one or more garlic per day.
Many say both ways is quite effective, but for those of you who don't like the smell of garlic was probably better attended in other ways. Don't worry there are still many other natural ways which I will explain below.

6. how to treat acne With Always Clean Face
Always a desirable cleanliness face every day from dirt and dust in the way. For those of us who are always active and deal with the dust in the way, then please clean your face before or after work. As consumption from within, then it is perbanyaklah to eat vegetables and drink water. Create a do not like vegetables!, then fruit containing water can be an alternative in treating face from within. Because the content contained in fruits and vegetables is highly believed to be able to make our face more clean and radiant.

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How To Brighten A Face Mask With Coffee

How To Brighten A Face Mask With Coffee Today, coffee is mostly used in a salon or spa as one of the ramuah for beauty. There is a coffee body scrub or mask the coffee, the price is relatively expensive. Coffee can be used to get rid of cellulite and bad breath. In addition, the coffee can be used to lighten the skin of the face, especially the face which is dry. Here's how to brighten the face with coffee.

1. mix the coffee with honey. Honey will serve as adhesive and nourishing your face to keep it moist. Balurkan in the face and let sit for 10-15 minutes. Flush the face with warm water so that it feels comfortable.

2. combine coffee with fresh yogurt. A mix of both will form a cream bleach can brighten the face. Quite a balurkan mixture of both in the face that have been washed with warm water before. Wait about 15-20 minutes, then flush with warm water again.

3. combine coffee with egg whites. Egg whites can eliminate the flecks of black spots, so you'll get a clean bright face of flecks of black spots. Flatten in the face and wait for 10-15 minutes, and flush with warm water. This mixture can also serve as Exfoliating the dead skin and tightening the skin.

4. combine coffee with milk, and apply on the face as a mask. Wait about 15-20 minutes, then flush with warm water. This mixture can brighten the face by means of double, because it consists of a mixture of coffee and milk.

5. When you don't like the fishy smell on egg whites, you can use baby oil mixed with 1 scoop of coffee. Balurkan on face and wait for 10-15 minutes, then rinse with warm water. Baby oil works the same as egg whites, i.e. busting flecks of black spots. You just simply use baby oil 2 to 3 tablespoons.
How to brighten a face with coffee research in New Jersey, the United States showed that masks a coffee can lower the risk of skin cancer. This is because the caffeine content in coffee may protect the skin from exposure to UV rays of the Sun which often blacken the skin.

Source How To Brighten A Face Mask With Coffee

Tips to whiten the face mask with yogurt

Tips to whiten the face mask with yogurt One way to whiten the face of proper and safe is to use natural materials, there are lots of natural ingredients that can be an alternative to whiten face skin is safe and effective, but this time I will share tips to whiten the face naturally and safely with the yogurt mask. If you're interested in doing a natural face care, please refer to the continued reviews below.

Tips whiten face skin naturally


We know yogurt is a healthy drink our body, because yogurt contains good bacteria as probiotics. These bacteria will help your metabolism and digestion in the body running smoothly. The yogurt be very beneficial because it is fermented from milk, such as milk, the drink contains high nutisi program such as calcium, riboflavin, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12. It is this content which makes yogurt is very suitable as an ingredient to whiten face skin properly and safely. To mmeperoleh all the benefits of yogurt to the facial skin look here.

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1. How to whiten the face mask with yogurt I
Campurlah half a glass of yogurt with natural honey. stir the mixture until evenly, then before using the mask clean your face beforehand in order to avoid pores from impurities so that the benefits of face masks can be optimally absorbed. After the net apply this yogurt mask evenly across your face, when the trouble you could use the help of a brush. In order to optimally pervasive masks let stand for 30 minutes. The last flush of the face mask for cleaning use clean water. And pat dry using a towel.

2. how to brighten the face with yogurt mask II
How to whiten skin facial mask with yogurt that is both by mixing ½ yoghurt with olive oil. To use the mask is actually the same as the way to whiten the face first. By cleaning the face first and then apply the yogurt mask evenly to the entire skin of the face, and silence for 30 minutes, the final rinse using clean water.


Tips to whiten the face with turmeric mask

Tips to whiten the face with turmeric mask turmeric is a tribe of bulbs tubers. Turmeric is widely used by our mothers to Cook, Saffron has a form similar to the gingerbread, maybe for you it is very difficult to compare where turmeric where ginger, but you can distinguish the two objects could be by way of a kiss, the scent between turmeric and Ginger is very different, the scent of ginger more pungent and there is a scent of mint, while ginger smells not who whet ginger. Turmeric is widely used for seasoning and are also widely used for natural colour, natural color that is a shade of yellow.
Tips to whiten the face with turmeric mask
Turmeric comes from indonesia. So it will be very easy for us to meet, not only that, saffron also has a wide variety of content including:
-Per 100 grams of turmeric contains energy of 62 kcal
-Per 100 grams of turmeric contain 2 grams Protein
-Per 100 grams of turmeric contain Fat 2.7 g
-Per 100 grams of turmeric contain Carbohydrate 2.1 g
-Per 100 grams of turmeric contain Calcium 24 mg
-Per 100 grams of turmeric contain Fosfror 78 mg
-Per 100 grams of turmeric contain Iron 3 mg
-Per 100 grams of turmeric contain Vitamin A 0 IU
-Per 100 grams of turmeric contain Vitamin B1 0.03 mg
-Per 100 grams of turmeric contain Vitamin C 1 mg

With a wide range of content above you can use turmeric turmeric for skin beauty care, as you can use to whiten your skin, I'll provide Tips to whiten the face mask with turmeric, following his tips:
Tips to whiten the face with turmeric mask
Material material:
-turmeric to taste
-honey and olive oil

How to make a turmeric face mask:

-you take turmeric then you clean it from dirt. After clean then you puree. You can use the blender to make it more effective and efficient.
-After the turmeric above smooth then you squeeze the turmeric to produce water juice of juice, mix turmeric turmeric with honey and olive oil then mix well or until it forms a paste.
-well you've made masks of turmeric, before you use the mask you should clean your face in advance of the dirt that clings to it, so that the mask can be maximum absorbed into the skin pores on your face.
-After your face clean then apply this mask to your face, you can use a soft brush to meratakanya, give a massage also rotate on the cheek area, so your cheeks always look toned.
-Let stand the mask until it dries, so pervasive are perfectly on your face.
-after it dries you can take the cold water to clean your face. on first use you've got bright looking skin. If you want your skin always looked white to use this mask regularly every day.

7 benefits of Lotus Leaves for health

7 benefits of Lotus Leaves for health – Lotus is a plant that has lots of benefits for humans, ancient people used the leaves of Ziziphus mauritiana for bathing the bodies, even the Prophet Muhammad has also been using the leaves of the Lotus is to preserve the health of the body.
Well probably will arise a question yourself i.e. whatever the heck the benefits for the health of it lotus leaf? to answer Your curiosity, on this occasion I will share a little information about the efficacy for the treatment of diseases of the Lotus leaf, all that I have auto summary Lotus Leaf benefits in 7 for healing illness here.
7 benefits of Lotus Leaves for health
7 benefits of Lotus Leaves for health

7 benefits of Lotus Leaves for healing Illnesses

1. Lotus Leaf contains compounds anti bacteria, so it is very effective for treating diseases caused by bacteria or viruses, such as colds, influenza, swine flu, bird flu and even HIV/AIDS.
2. Leaf of Ziziphus mauritiana is extremely beneficial for treating fever hot or cold, whether adult or kids toddlers.
3. the Lotus Leaf is able to treat gastric diseases, such as peptic ulcers, ulcers and even cancer of the stomach.
4. being able to prevent and treat cardiovascular disease which is very dangerous.
5. being able to treat the disease of diabetes mellitus, both type 1, type 2 or gestasional, for diebetes lotus leaf contains a very low Glycemic.
6. Leaf of Ziziphus mauritiana is very useful for treating problems like mouth, canker sores, chapped lips, bleeding gums and many more.
7. Leaves Lotus with antiseptic, it will be very useful to treat wounds, either new or cuts long cuts.

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14 the Red betel leaves Benefits For health and healing

14 the Red betel leaves Benefits To health and healing – talks about the efficacy of betel leaf red for health and medicine, surely we will find thousands of benefits inside the Red betel leaves, being highly beneficial for health and healing, occurs due to this natural herbal ingredients contain antioxidant compounds, anti-infamasi, anticancer and even antitumor, where the contents are very effective to optimize metabolic processes in the body , so it is very beneficial for health and healing.
14 the Red betel leaves Benefits For health and healing
Well actually what are the Red betel leaves benefits to health and the treatment of it? to answer Your curiosity about the efficacy of the Red betel leaves, on this occasion I will share a little information, all that I have auto summary in 14 red betel leaves benefits to health and healing following.

6 the Red betel leaves Benefits For health and healing

1. Boost the immune system in the body, so the body's immune response to various diseases can be increased.
2. Prevent diseases diabetes mellitus, since the Red betel leaves contain a low Glycemic levels.
3. Prevent Cancer, tumors, cysts, and others, because the Red betel leaves contain anti-cancer compounds and anti-tumor.
4. Prevent and treat cardiovascular disease.
5. increase the levels of insulin in the pancreas.
6. Prevent blood clotting due to health problems.

8 benefits of betel leaves

7. Improve blood flow in the body and destroy the bad cholesterol.
8. Preventing and treating diseases of stomach acid, such as gastritis, peptic ulcers and even stomach cancer.
9. Facilitate the digestive system inside our body.
10. Eradicate all germs and bacteria in the body.
11. Discard or oxidize the toxin contained in the body, so the body avoid harmful substances poisoning.
12. Prevent and treat irritations, allergies and even able to cure swelling.
13. Keep out all the free radicals that cause the onset of dangerous diseases in the body.
14. the Red betel leaves are very efficacious for treating areas of femininity, such as vaginal discharge, ovarian cysts and even menstrual symptoms that are less stable.

That's some of the benefits the Red betel leaves for health and treatment, but if you want to use the Red betel leaves for treatment, then you should be able to cultivate the correct processing manner, as one of them is to maintain proper hygiene when reprocessing, because if the Red betel leaves You though with not keeping good hygiene, it will give rise to the germ and bacteria thrive in the herbal potion preparations so open the Red betel leaves benefits you will get, but dangerous diseases that will come to you.

Such review on 14 red betel leaves benefits to health and healing. May be useful.


11 Benefits of Fruit Soursop For Traditional Medicine

11 Benefits of Fruit Soursop For Traditional Medicines - When we eat soursop, we certainly feel the freshness that is unmatched, especially if we process the soursop fruit into a juice, the freshness will be increasingly felt, but behind the freshness of them know the real benefits of soursop fruit?
According to various kinds of research studies reveal that, soursop fruit has a wide range of antioxidant content, one of the well-known antioxidant content on soursop fruit is acynogenins, which is highly efficacious antioxidant content to counteract all disease-causing free radicals, so it is very effective to maintain a healthy body we are.

Antioxidant content is what makes soursop much used as a raw material for making traditional herbal medicine. then what are the benefits of soursop as a traditional medicine that?
To answer your curiosity menganai efficacy of soursop for the tardisional herbal medicine, on this occasion I will share a little information about it, all that I have outlined in 11 benefits of soursop as following traditional medicine.
11 Benefits of Fruit Soursop For Traditional Medicine
1. With a very high content of antioxidants in the fruit soursop, it will be very effective to repel a wide range of free radicals cause the emergence of various malignancies.
2. Soursop fruit is very effective to enhance the immune system or immune system, because this fruit contains vitamin C which is very high.
3. Soursop fruit is very useful to overcome stomach problems, such as gastritis, peptic ulcers, high stomach acid and stomach cancer even though.
4. Able to control blood pressure, high blood pressure either (hypertension) or low blood pressure.
5. Preventing and treating cardiovascular disease.
6. Soursop fruit is very effective against respiratory diseases, such as asthma, shortness of breath, inflammation of the throat and bronchitis even though.
7. Soursop fruit is very effective to treat diseases of abnormal growth of tissue, such as tumors, cysts, hemorrhoids and even malignant cancer.
8. Soursop fruit contains skin soothing gel, so it is very effective to cope with allergies or skin irritation.
9. The anti-inflammatory found in soursop fruit will be very effective to overcome inflammation of the affected body part injured.
10. Soursop fruit contains a variety of nutrients that can take care of the organs in the body, such as the pancreas, lungs, heart and many more.
11. Soursop fruit is very useful to treat diseases of the skin keloids.

That's some of the benefits of soursop fruit for the treatment of disease, but to get the maximum benefits of soursop fruit, then you should eat fresh fruits routinely, for those who are pregnant, are not allowed to consume fruit soursop, because this fruit contains fructose and sucrose very high.
Similarly, a review of the 11 benefits of soursop. Good luck

How To Whiten The Face Naturally And Safely With Lemon

How to whiten the face naturally and safely with lemon – many people crave whiteIndonesia especially for women who crave beauty. However, in contrast to a foreignnation, they instead find beaches in Indonesia for their white skin to discolor, strangeisn't it? In whiten the face of an awful lot of women who don't know how to whiten the faceappropriately, they tend to use a quick way to whiten his face-for example, by usingbeauty products, beauty salons and even they use medical help to whiten face skinquickly. But the thing that smells like the instant it is not good for the health of our facial skin. Alternative solutions in the whiten face skin is to use ingredients derivedfrom nature. Natural materials are very secure if we use to whiten the face. because ofthese natural ingredients do not contain harmful compounds such as the instantbeauty treatments.

How To Whiten The Face Naturally And Safely With Lemon

natural ingredients to whiten face skin one is with the use of lime. Lemon was chosenas an alternative ingredient to whiten face skin as lemon contains vitamin and antioxidants are good for maintaining healthy skin naturally. vitamin found in citrusjuice is vitamin c. this Content is able to rejuvenate the skin, replacing the dead skin cells, regenerates skin and much more, plus lime juice also has antioxidants.Antioxidants are very instrumental in protecting the skin from sunlight which canmake the skin look more black, dull, dry and coarse. Thus especially appropriate when we use lime as an alternative ingredient to brighten skin care.

Tips to whiten and brighten the face skin with lemon
-One lemon fruit;
-One tablespoon of Honey.

How to whiten the face naturally with lemon
-First the lime halves into 2 parts, then squeeze the two halves into a container, addthe honey into a container, stir-stir until evenly;
-Before using the wash advance to clean from dirt that closes the pores;
-After clean apply the juice of the lime juice into the skin of the face evenly. A littlemassage in circular, do not get exposed to the eyes because it will feel smarting;
-Let stand for 30 minutes or until it dries;
-Last rinse using warm water.

By using natural ingredients as lemons to whiten the face then we do not need to be concerned with the side effects of the use of natural materials because it is very safefor us to apply the dikulit sensitive face. Do how to whiten the face naturally aboveregularly every day then your skin will look 10 times more white than in the previous week. Such a review on way to whiten the face naturally and safely with lemon. May be useful.

Facts about Microdermabrasion Treatments and the Appeal

Have you ever done a scrub, where you apply a certain facial cream to your face and remove dead cells in order to deliver newer, better, and brighter skin? Well, if you want to take it to the next level with sophisticated technologies and equipments, it means that you are ready for microdermabrasion treatments.

This procedure is generally more familiar with the name microderm, a process that basically exfoliates the top layer skin so the newer one will come to the surface. We live in harsh environment where the skin is exposed to pollutants and harsh sunrays on daily basis. If you don’t take care of the skin, you may have to suffer from fine lines, wrinkles, light acne issue, acne scars, pigmentation problem, age spots, and so many other problems that will affect your appearance – often affect your confidence as well. And going through microdermabrasion is considered safer than other facial procedures, since it is non invasive and it doesn’t use any chemical substances.

As it was mentioned before, microdermabrasion is almost the same as the regular scrub, but with sophisticated equipments and involved high tech application. In fact, microdermabrasion is considered gentler and safer than dermabrasion, which is an intensive treatment to deal with scars, extreme damage from the sun, and deeper and more pronounced facial lines. Basically, your top layer skin will be removed – along with dead and dry skin cells – so healthier, firmer, and younger skin will be revealed. This treatment also includes high level of elastin and collagen, which are responsible for the firmness and health of your skin, improving the skin’s overall look. in short, you can expect wrinkles and fine lines to go away (or at least covered very smoothly and well), have the scars smoothly covered, get rid of the age spots, have coarse skin to develop better, and expect the pores to decrease. Since microdermabrasion will improve the condition of the skin, skin care products can easily provide better result. The skin allows such products to penetrate deeper and better, helping collagen production, which provide younger and glowing skin condition for longer period of time.

Basically, this kind of treatment is ideal for all kind of skin types, including those with acne or sensitive skin. If you suffer from wrinkles or fine lines, uneven pigmentation, age spots, minor scars, or clogged pores, this treatment is ideal for you. Since it doesn’t involve any chemical substance, it won’t aggravate your condition or make it worse. According to many skin experts and dermatologists, microdermabrasion is good for adult and healthy patients with mild skin issues. It can also be done to treat sensitive skin, acne, or rosacea, although the latter one requires further consultation and discussion with your doctor.

However, microdermabrasion isn’t suggested for patients with recent herpes outbreak, active acne problem in stage 3 or 4, active keloids, deep scars, unstable diabetes, autoimmune disorder, or undiagnosed lesion. Pregnant women can’t undergo this treatment. There are certain requirements and condition that you need to address if you want to have this procedure done:

1. You should wait for around 3 weeks if you just recently underwent skin procedures – like chemical peel or collagen injections

2. You shouldn’t get tanning or waxing several weeks prior to the treatment

3. You should consult your doctor in case you suffer from skin defects, facial creases, or deep scars. If it is possible, consider having other treatments like laser skin resurfacing or chemical peel.

People often compare crystal microdermabrasion with the diamond tip treatment. They may be different in application, but the result is similar. In crystal microdermabrasion – which has lasted for decades – the dermatologist will use handheld wand spraying tiny particles or crystals. They will spray the crystals over skin surface and then remove it with the wand – the wand works like a vacuum that will suck up all the dead cells and dry skin. The procedure isn’t painful at all, although it can be quite uncomfortable around the mouth and nose.

In diamond tip microdermabrasion, the procedure is the same, but the diamond replaces the crystals. According to research, diamond microdermabrasion is somehow gentler and more comfortable, but some people still prefer the crystal method because they feel that the cleansing process is truly happening. When compared to regular scrubs, microdermabrasion is considered gentler and safer. General scrub can be too abrasive or rough, which can lead to skin irritation and further skin issue. So far, the latest microdermabrasion technique is using water, which is responsible for exfoliating the skin while infusing it with serum. This new treatment is called as HydraFacial.

The cost for microdermabrasion can vary from $75 to $200, depending on the condition of the skin, the severity of the issue, the type of skin, and the expertise of the esthetician. Basically, you will be required to undergo a series of treatment, which can last up to six sessions. Each session can last in between 30 minutes to one hour, top. In some places, you can get nice offer of getting one session free – generally when you have a series of sessions. Since the treatment is quite mild, there is no such thing as recovery time and you can always get back to your regular routine and activities.

However, it is important to stay away from the sun for a while. Wear gentle sunscreen and avoid going to the beach. The outer layer of your skin has just been peeled away, so your skin is basically at its weakest condition. Do wear sunscreen and don’t be involved with strenuous exercise – at least for a couple of days.

It is important that you only go to expert aestheticians. Don’t be fooled by very low cost because we are talking about your skin – which plays important role in your appearance. Be sure to check the aesthetician’s credibility, ability, and skills. Always consult everything, including when you are taking a certain medication or your have any sensitive skin condition. It is quite normal to experience pink-ish hue around the skin. If you want to apply make-up, at least use the water based make-up or the very light one.

Different Types of Facial Treatments that Are Commonly Done

When women want to look fresher, younger, and more attractive, they tend to have facial treatments that are believed not only rejuvenate the skin, but also deliver relaxed and calming sensation. There are different types of facial treatments, depending on what your skin needs or what kind of pamper you want, but be sure to choose the right one as opting for the wrong one can lead to worse skin condition.

Understanding Facial Treatment
Facial is believed to make the skin look better; thus, leading to making you fresher, younger, brighter, and prettier. Facial treatment is said to be one of necessary treatments for the skin so it remains bright, beautiful, and glowing – instead of looking oily, shabby, and gloomy. If you have problems with your skin, such as wrinkles, acne, flecks, and such thing alike, facial treatment is claimed to remove them all and make your skin healthier.

You see, our skin consists of layers, and the outer top layer generally consists of dead cells, which are responsible in making your skin look gloomy and shabby. The body has its own mechanism and way to remove the dead cells, replacing them with the new layers of skin, but the process can take time. We can make the process go quicker if we have the facial treatment. You need to exfoliate the dead cells and remove the outer top layer so the skin beneath – the one that is bright, glowing, and firm – will come to the surface. And then the process will start again in a cycle; that’s why you need to have such facial treatments about once a week.

Having a facial treatment is quite necessary when you reach thirty of age. The body isn’t at its peak performance anymore; everything starts slowing down, including the ability to regenerate. Not to mention that different kinds of exposure and dealing with lifestyle will take its toll on your skin, affecting its elasticity and condition. If you don’t take care of your skin, it is possible that you will experience early aging, saggy skin, and other skin issues that will definitely affect your appearance and look. But if you want to choose the right treatment, there are some types that may fit your situation and condition.

Anti Aging Facial Treatment
As the name suggests, this facial treatment is done so you can avoid the early onset of early aging. Wrinkles, fine lines, and shabby skin condition are all signs of early aging. Instead of looking 30-ish (according to your real age), you may look older – 40-ish or even 50-ish. Certainly not the kind of appearance you want, do you? In anti aging facial treatment, newer skin cells are the focus of the treatment. Your skin will look bright, glowing, and certainly firmer and younger. In this kind of treatments, different substances that are rich in antioxidants are introduced, because antioxidants will remove free radicals that are also responsible for the quickening of early aging process. Generally, the treatment will involve mixtures of hydrators, concentrated glycolic acid, various types of antioxidants, and inflammatory agents. The mixture will improve the skin firmness and tone, clear the skin, and produce the healthy glow that you want. Exfoliation will be made in maximum capacity without risking or damaging the skin.

Clarifying Acne Facial Treatment
If you have problems with acne, this is the kind of facial treatments that you want. This treatment is designed not only to combat acne, but also breakouts, skin blemishes, and stain. The main problem with acne is not only you have to deal with the clogged pores, but you will also have to deal with the possible inflammation from the infection and bacterial infestation.

The main purpose of having this treatment is to provide in-depth skin control so any clogged pores or inflammation can be reduced and treated. Acne can happen because of poor hygiene as well as hormonal issue. With mixture of antioxidants, hydrating agents, antiseptics, and fruit enzymes, you can deep cleanse the pores, reduce the redness and blemishes, reduce the inflammation, and accelerate the process of shedding – improving your skin in overall retrospect. When you do this kind of treatment, you can both take care of the issue and provide solution, and you prevent another breakout from happening again.

Sensitive Skin Facial Treatment
The problem with sensitive skin is that it can be very sensitive, which lead to pain and redness. You can’t really use any kind of facial products without consulting the dermatologist, because it will put your skin into risk. Your skin is somehow too prone because its natural barrier and defense isn’t as strong as you think. That’s why the facial treatment for sensitive skin is administered; not only to reduce the pain and redness, but also to improve the strength of the skin’s barrier as well as to cure its condition. Although the formula used is quite lightweight – so it won’t cause any skin problems or issues. Your skin will be strengthened and given the needed nutrients so it will remain strong and not easily affected by different chemical compounds or natural exposure.

Protective Shield Facial Treatment
This kind of treatment is mainly done to improve the condition of the skin, protect it, and make it glowing. It is almost the same as the anti aging facial treatment, but the coverage is wider – not only to combat early aging.

You see, we are surrounded by different kinds of pollutants and harmful substances. Exposure to sunrays or dirty air can really affect the condition of the skin. Not only you will deal with early aging, you may also deal with wrinkles, uneven tone, and skin decoloration. If you want to avoid all these issues, having this kind of natural facial treatment will be your best option. Wrinkles and fine lines can be minimized, uneven tones can be improved, and skin firmness can be boost. This treatment won’t only treat the skin, but also repair the damages that have already happened. And the fact that you will undergo relaxed treatment is an added perk to enjoy.

Making Homemade Facial Treatments

It’s always possible to get healthy skin through facial treatments. But for some people, making homemade facial treatments give them many advantages. First, they can choose the ingredients, so it’s guaranteed to not containing any chemical ingredients unless it’s necessary. Second, making facial treatments at home will save your budget. You can use natural ingredients that are easy to be found or you can buy it on the stores. Making your own facial treatments also will make you easier if you want to do them regularly. And you can add various natural ingredients for getting different result.

Facial Treatments for Acne
Acne problems also can be treated by homemade facial treatments. At first, it’s important to understand how severe your acne problems are. Sometimes facial treatments at home only can treat light until moderate acne problems. You can cure your acne by applying apple cider vinegar. Vinegar can kill bacteria in your skin, balance your skin’s pH, and remove the excessive oil that blocks your pores. First, you should clean your face with water and then dry it. Second, mix the ration of one part vinegar with three parts water, use cotton to absorb the mixture; then apply it into your acne. Third, you should leave it for 10 minutes or even 24 hours. However, this treatment can make your facial skin dry, so it’s important to not doing it often and you need to apply moisturizer after the treatment.

Tea tree oil has been known for treating acne, especially for sensitive skin. It can remove the dead skin cell, extra sebum, and excessive oil that block your pores. Moreover, tea tree oil also has ability to kill bacteria that will worsen your acne. First, you should wash your face with water then dry it. Second, mix one part of tea tree oil with nine parts of water. Third, by using cotton, apply the mixture into your acne. However, never eat this tea tree oil or apply it without being mixed with water. For people who have sensitive skin, instead of using water, you can use aloe vera gel to be mixed with tea tree oil.

Cleansing Your Face
Besides acne, homemade facial treatments also can be used for cleansing your face. You can do this if your facial cleansing products don’t make you satisfied with the result. And sometimes it happens to people who have sensitive skin. There are natural ingredients that can be used as your natural facial cleansers. People usually use egg yolk as their cleanser as well as toner for their face. You just need to apply it into your face. On the other hand, fruits also can be your natural facial cleansers. You can use banana, lemon, and orange. Besides becoming your breakfast ingredient, banana also can be used for your facial cleanser. You just need to smash it before applying it into your face. If you want, you can mix it with other ingredients, such as honey. Banana is natural moisturizer. It also can make your skin glow and slow down the aging process.

Despite of its acidity, lemon also can be your facial cleanser. Lemon juice will give amazing result into your face, especially if you wash your face with it. However, for people who have sensitive skin, you should be careful when using lemon. Besides lemon, orange that is rich with Vitamin C can be your alternative. It doesn’t matter whether you only use the pulp, juice, or even the skin.

Spa Treatments for Acne

Some people feel acne makes them embarrassed. Acne is a skin condition when the oil and dead skin cells block your hair follicles. Symptoms of acne can be whiteheads, blackheads, papules, pimples, nodules, until cystic lesions. Teenagers and adults usually experience the acne growth on their body, especially on their face, neck, chest, back, and shoulder. Some acne can be removed easily without any treatment, but there are conditions where acne only can be removed by particular treatments. Usually the spa treatments for acne are focused on the acne itself; treating it or removing the acne scars. The treatments can include deep cleansing into your pores and tissues. This will be useful to remove the oil and dead skin cells. If you have severe problem with acne, it’s better if professionals handle your acne. And these are spa treatments acne that you can choose depending on your acne problem.

Microdermabrasion is one of the favorite spa treatments acne. It’s because microdermabrasion is painless and suitable for all skin color and types. The process also only takes several minutes until one hour because it doesn’t require surgical process, the recovery process only takes around 24 hours, and your skin will look younger, fresher, and smoother in the end. Microdermabrasion uses micro crystals to remove dead skin cells on your outer layer of facial skin. It also improves the growth of new skin without any clogged pores and unbalanced complexion. However, microdermabrasion is not suitable for deep acne scars, facial wrinkles, and severe acne problems. Your face will experience temporary redness and will be more sensitive with sun rays after doing this treatment.

Dermabrasion is deeper than microdermabrasion. It treats deep acne scars, severe acne problems, and facial wrinkles. The process of dermabrasion will be done in hospital or doctor’s room. Targeted areas in your facial skin will be injected with local anesthetic in order to make you relaxed. However, this treatment will be more effective for people who have fair skin. If you have darker skin tone, it’s possible that there will be change of skin tone after doing this treatment. Dermabrasion process starts when your doctor uses wire brush or diamond wheel with rough edges in order to arise new skin layer. As the result, you’ll get younger, smoother, and healthier skin. At first, your new skin will be pink, but then it changes until it reaches the normal color. Moreover, after doing this treatment, it’s also possible that your skin will be a little bit rough, you’ll have scar, infection, and change in skin tone that may be permanent.

Facial Peeling
Facial peeling also becomes one of the popular spa treatments acne. It’s because this treatment is great for acne and acne scars. It’s important to have this treatment in reputable parlor with professionals. Even though there are many facial peeling products in the stores, you shouldn’t do this treatment by yourself at home. The risk will be higher if you do this treatment without professionals. Usually the facial peeling product is consisted from salicylic, glycolic, trichloroacetic, or jessners acids. Different ingredient will create different effect in your facial skin. Usually the facial peeling will be applied into your skin; then it will be left until it dries. When the bubble comes up, the facial peeling layer finally can be pulled off. As the result, you’ll get smoother, younger, and healthier new skin.